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How do you find the best dropshipping suppliers in 2022?

Choosing suppliers is a very important step that every dropshipper must take, there are a lot of factors that you should consider when looking for suppliers for you so if you are fully aware of the products you want to sell, you must be sure that you will find dropshipping suppliers who can Provide quality service for your store whether on AliExpress, eBay, Amazon or other e-commerce platforms, there are countless suppliers and wholesale companies, so I will show you how to find the best dropshipping suppliers in 2022?

Before you choose, you must first know that finding dropshipping suppliers for your business may take some time, however you can find the right supplier by some necessary basics that you must follow in order to be able to bring the largest number of reliable suppliers, so let me introduce In this article, you have a set of important tips that will help you choose the best suppliers from different e-commerce platforms to build an online store full of products, and tell you some of the steps that will entail your success in being a successful dropshipper.

How do you find the best dropshipping suppliers in 2022?

7 tips to get the best suppliers

1- Bargaining for better prices:

These are some of the things you can use to bargain:

  • Show that you can introduce the resource to new markets.
  • Reducing risk to the supplier.
  • Consolidate your purchase orders.
  • Try assembling different types of products, rather than buying the same products in bulk.
  • Ask about incentives as well as price reductions.

2 - Don't always go for the lowest price

Do not let the low price tempt you, as high-value products will never be sold at a low price. The low price may be tempting sometimes, but this does not mean that the products offered to you are of high quality. The quality always matches the price. If you find a particular product that is sold at a low value, and you also find the same product being sold At a high value on another online store, you must ask yourself the question of does the supplier who sells the product at a low price wants to lose? Of course not, so why would he sell it at such a low price? Because simply this price corresponds to the quality and value of the product. If it was worth more than that, he would have sold it at a higher price and made a profit, but he knows the material it is made of and its quality, so he sells it at this price.

But you must differentiate between the big price difference and the simple difference, meaning that not every difference in prices indicates that the owner of the lowest price offers low-quality products. If the price difference, for example, does not exceed 2 or 3 dollars here, it cannot be certain that the products with the lowest price It is of low value, but this decrease is due to market competition, meaning that it competes with other electronic stores that offer the same products, so it reduces the percentage of profit that it will take to be able to reduce the price.

3 - Positive Feedback

One of the inevitable things that will guide you if the products you want to import are good or not are the good reviews you get. Enter the store of the supplier you want to import products from, sort it well, and see the opinions of people who have purchased these products before, and whether they are satisfied with them or not. There were negative opinions on the products. You should look at these opinions and why this buyer is not satisfied with the product. With this step, it will be a general idea of ​​this supplier and whether it deals with its customers properly and provides them with high quality products or is trying to mislead them through false and baseless images. It is valid, which will ultimately affect the process of choosing it or not.

4 - Beware of Brands

In fact, you should beware of suppliers who sell brands, because they will always be counterfeit, as these brands do not need Ali Express to market themselves, as they have a high reputation basically and make millions of profits, so the supplier who sells a brand Certain business will find it counterfeit, and you certainly do not want to work in something counterfeit.

5- The speed of response is an important factor in choosing the supplier:

Suppose that one of your customers deposited a sum of money on your account directly after visiting your site and wants you to send the request to him directly after that - in this case, if you cannot reach the supplier or he does not respond to your messages, you will surely lose your customer or the delay will disturb him.

You should try to communicate with him through the site itself to see how quickly he responds to messages, how he handles matters and answers your various questions.

6 - Guarantee of buyers' rights 

You should know well what the supplier provides to you if you import a product and it came other than what was advertised or arrived to you damaged. Will the supplier accept to return the price of the product to you or compensate you for the damages that happened to you, such as refunding you half the price, for example, or sending you something else? Knowing how the supplier deals with guaranteeing the right of the buyer, after purchasing the products, you will know whether this supplier is contentious or peaceful and interested in providing the largest number of customers and buyers.

7 - Safe Payment Methods

Most dropshipping stores offer a third-party payment service such as PayPal , Payoneer , or Authorize . net , these are global payment methods and safe to use, so you should make sure that your dropshipping store uses these payment methods to avoid negative experiences or fraud.

Important Steps to Become a Successful Drop Shipping

1- Search

Once you have identified the products you want to sell, research the dropshipping suppliers who are there and their products that best suit your needs.

2- Contact suppliers

There are a lot of problems that you may encounter as a dropshipper with the buyer regarding a product that you shipped to him or want to do so, and then you will have to respond to all buyer inquiries quickly to prove to him that you are a professional.

So talking with suppliers and starting a relationship with them allows you to ask questions about the service they provide, maintaining a good relationship with dropshipping suppliers from the beginning will make it easier for you to answer questions quickly and resolve disputes or problems promptly.

3- Request samples from the supplier

The third step you have to take is that once you have chosen the top 2 or 3 suppliers to do business, ask them for samples and test their service quality, delivery times, packing… and other questions until you are completely satisfied with your choice.

Requesting samples is an essential part of choosing suppliers, as it will allow you to see how your customers will experience your store and build some trust between the two of you.

4- Ask your competitors

If one of your competitors deals with the same supplier as you, you can find out how the supplier packages their products and services, such as custom labeling...etc.

5- Focus on mastering marketing:

Advertising and SEO can help drive more traffic to your store. Keep in mind that most ecommerce stores convert at a rate of 1:2%. This means that if you have less than 100 visitors on your site, you will probably not get any sales.

The more traffic your store can get, the more likely you are to convert the sale

6- Provide exceptional customer service:

One of the best ways is to provide great customer service. Refunding and responding to customer inquiries is important

Be active every day, you don't need to spend a lot of time every day working on your business, but you will need to spend at least an hour a day in your store as your sales increase

To follow up and respond to customer inquiries as soon as possible.

7- Minimum order size

The last thing to answer the question: How do you find the best suppliers of drop shipping 2022? What should be considered when choosing a dropshipping supplier is the minimum order size when bulk order, most of the time the supplier is willing to charge a minimum order fee and fulfill orders as soon as they arrive.

Meaning that if the minimum order size from the supplier is 200 products, you have to pay for 200 products up front but the supplier will fulfill the orders when they arrive from your online store.

Top 5 Wholesale Sites

1- And :

eBay is among the top wholesale suppliers in the USA and contains many categories of products (fashion, electronics, arts, etc.) of different brands that they sell and also ship all over the world.

eBay sells at affordable prices and you can trust them to deliver quality products.

Alibaba serves millions of wholesalers and suppliers from more than 190 countries around the world, and the site offers millions of items in more than 40 major categories from electronics, home appliances, smart phones and home furniture to clothes for different age groups, it is a very good site to buy big things from China, The shipping will probably take a while to get there but the prices are good.

3- Ali Express :

Ali Express is one of the largest global shopping sites as it offers low prices unlike the prices that you can find on other sites. It is based in China and has many items to choose from and there are a lot of great offers and discounts, its prices are wholesale and it is the largest dropshipping site in the world .

4- DH

It is a market place just like Ali Express, and it has sellers from the Far East who provide products manufactured directly to consumers.

DH gate offers more than 10 million dropshipping products from China, Hong Kong and Central Asian countries, also in all different categories such as smart phones, men's and women's clothing, children's toys....etc.

5- Bang :

It is another e-commerce marketplace that offers low prices on multiple products, containing everything from smartphones to drones and robots, with over four million products listed.

Not many people know about this online store that makes it attractive for dropshipping products, as it offers many products from China, Hong Kong, and even the United States.

It also provides many ways through which the payment process can be completed, such as: PayPal, bank transfer, as well as Western Union and payment using a bank card.

It offers  Air Parcel delivery service which takes 7-30 days to arrive.

Thus, I have presented to you today, How do you find the best suppliers of drop shipping 2022? Through some tips that will help you choose high-quality suppliers that offer a range of high-quality products, I also told you the steps to become a successful dropshipper, and I also showed you the top 5 wholesale sites, thank you for your follow-up.

If you have a question or something else you would like to add, leave a comment. You are very welcome

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