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Directory of Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms in Egypt 

Digital platforms, which are now centralized, are used by everyone and are considered the best for use, whether in the Middle East, Egypt, or worldwide :

  • Gemini platform

The arrangement of the Gemini platform comes directly after coinbase Gemini, which is a regulated trading platform, and it is assumed that it provides its services in the United States of America, and therefore it is very difficult to provide its services to the Arab countries, but it is strange that it can provide its services only to Egypt.

It is considered like coinbase, which is one of the largest digital trading platforms, and the idea of ​​including digital currencies is reliable and can be invested in for the long term, and the customer can buy them from any other trading platform.

  •  Binance platform

 One of the best trading platforms in the world because it can provide its services all over the world, even the United States of America, in addition to a large number of other trading platforms affiliated with Binance, and for this reason, Binance is number one in this field, because it is not just one trading platform, but a large number It is a platform for trading and contains a large number of products and services and it is always said on Binance Amazon Cryptocurrency.

  • Hubei Global Platform

After Binance, Hubei Global is one of the best platforms to use.

  • Okex platform

The company Okex, which is one of the most wonderful platforms that provides its services to users in Arab countries, such as: Iraq, and OKEX use it like using the Binance platform . After that, it was able to secure its accounts completely and completely, and now it is us of many currencies for technology and provides excellent liquidity, and it is considered a complementary market to the rest of the markets or the rest of the other trading platforms. 

  • platform

There is also the platform, which has things that are not found in other platforms, in addition to the special launches that exist in modern cryptocurrencies. 

  • FTX platform

And also the FTX platform, which enjoys many advantages, and always follows all the trends that may be present in the labor market of these platforms, in addition to the fact that the client will find a market for the shares of international companies such as Amal, Amazon, Netflix and others.

  • Coinbase platform

Which, unfortunately, users of the Arab world and the Middle East cannot use, or even at least in Egypt, and therefore because it is a trading platform available to investors in the United States of America and therefore it will be difficult for it to open its own trading or services to eat the countries of the world, because it will prevent a large number of There are countries that can use their services, including, of course, the countries of the Middle East, but despite that there is a benefit in following the news of the coinbase platform because, of course, it is one of the most famous and largest platforms in the whole world.

Thus, at the moment of listing a digital currency in the coinbase company, this currency is one of the best digital currencies and therefore it can achieve gains and profits for investment in the long term . Other sites, and there are two other companies,, Exchange

The Central Bank of Egypt and digital currencies

Although the Penal Code does not contain any articles to criminalize digital currencies, and the legal rule says (no crime without a text), the answer is that all laws in Egypt are related to each other. It has or operates any digital currency platform, and the penalty is imprisonment or a fine of no less than one million pounds up to ten million pounds. 

Cryptocurrency mining and platforms

Digital currencies are a global phenomenon known to most people, the most famous of which is Bitcoin , whose price continues to break records , and although everyone has heard about it, very few people understand about it, and questions and inquiries do not stop about what these digital currencies are, so it will be It is important to understand what digital currencies are, how they work, what investment opportunities they offer, and what risks these currencies present to traders.

Where if all the noise and complexity surrounding the concept of digital currencies are exceeded and the meaning is simplified, it will become clear that it is not the production of a technological and information wealth. Paper money The money is completely virtual and its presence only on the Internet, it is issued with an image through mathematical algorithms by means of a computer program, and is not subject to the authority of banks and governments.

But is it only the bitcoin that exists and the answer is that no, of course, there are many other digital currencies called Altcoin, including ethereum, ruble and litecoin, where the term Altcoins is used to refer to digital currencies other than bitcoin, and there were more than 4,000 various digital currencies at the beginning of 2021, and so far currencies are being launched digital all the time. 

The total value of all digital currencies is about $2.2 trillion, and Bitcoin for one of them includes more than 60% of this value.

As for the platforms, the central trading platforms in which registration is made through the e-mail or e-mail of the user or those who want to register, and these platforms completely secure the account, and it is possible to activate the account with the user’s passport , and thus the user can trade cryptocurrencies centrally. 

The meaning of centralization is that a third party is used, which is the intermediary or the trading platform that brings together all users and traders in order to be able to sell and buy digital currencies on a periodic and daily basis,

for central trading platforms are so far the best and fastest in use so far from decentralized platforms, and the preference is in Trading This trading is done quickly and with low transfer or trading fees, and therefore through the coin market cap, which is one of the best sites that trade between the digital currencies that exist in the market and the preference depends on a large number of factors, including: 

  • The 24-hour trading volume can reach any extent.
  • Liquidity on the platform.
  • Marketing and the number of currencies available for the platform.
  • The volume of users using the platform.

Ruling on trading digital currencies in Sharia 

Since digital currencies are one of the things that have a risk, and every thing has a risk, there are profits and losses, but those losses may reach because someone loses his entire wealth, so it should be avoided because it is similar to gambling because it is possible when a person puts his money to lose it all.

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